Batavia Collective Propulsion Released 10/06/22 (RS2205)

Indonesian trio Batavia Collective follow up their stunning debut single, ‘Affirmation’, with another dazzling production and display of musical mastery.  On ‘Propulsion’, the Jakarta based threesome of Doni Joesran, Elfa Zulham and Kenny Gabriel surge to dizzying heights, as jazz chops and expert skills result in a breath taking and powerful instrumental, drenched in mesmerising melodies and dramatic passages.

But don’t just call it jazz, as BTCV explain “we are often asked what kind of jazz this is.  To tell you the truth we don’t know. We don’t even know if our music can be considered jazz or not.”

The streets and sounds of Jakarta have also had an audible impact on the players, creating a hot and eclectic mix of erratic patterns and colourful themes. Seasoned musicians, Joesran, Zulham and Gabriel initially met when they were assembled to play covers of popular hip-hop and jazz songs; the idea of starting their own band together gestated from there, spontaneously coming to their compositions by allowing influences from all genres and styles into the mix. “We create the music through jamming, and afterwards, we vote on certain compositions together,” say the collective, wielding an open-ended way of structuring the band and their future goals. “In the end, the purpose is mainly to have fun.”

Official music video here