Fake R&S Records website & emails. Beware of phishing

Fake R&S Records website & emails. Beware of phishing

There are currently fake e-mails circulating, purporting to come from R&S Records. In these e-mails, scammers pretend to be an employee of R&S Records expressing their wish to collaborate in the future. The e-mails contain a link to a fake website copied from R&S Records’ official website.

How to recognise these fake e-mails and website.


The fake e-mails in circulation have the following appearance and are sent from the email address hello@rsrecord.net.

–           The fake e-mail is sent using a wrong e-mail address;

–           The fake e-mail redirects to a fake website;

–           The fake e-mail mentions the creation of a subsidiary label and suggests a partnership with the mail recipient;

–           The fake e-mail is sent by a person not employed by R&S Records.


The fake website has the following appearance:


–           The fake website has a wrong URL using a .net-domain (since the URL of the official R&S Records website is www.rsrecords.com and contains a .com-domain);

–           The fake website uses an incorrect logo with the name “R&S Record” (instead of R&S Records).


What if you receive such an e-mail?

–           Do not click on the link in the e-mail;

–           Forward the e-mail to the competent cybersecurity centre:

–           In the UK: report@phishing.gov.uk

–           In Belgium: verdacht@safeonweb.be

–           Afterwards delete the e-mail.