Egyptian Hip Hop


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Egyptian Hop return with a re-recorded highlight from their GOOD DONT SLEEP debut album.

This our song Tobago, named after the country of origin of Neville Lawrence AKA SUPERSTAR & STAR, who influenced this song and video more than anything or anyone. From the first incarnation, as a jam, to the final video, we had Neville in mind and, for this, we are thankful to him. He has a light and a vitality often lacking in this grey world. Neville is a superstar and we follow in his footsteps. He will always be pure. For our good friend Neville Lawrence aka Superstar and Star. God bless you.  x

The track is backed by live favorite “The White Falls,” recorded by the band themselves in a Manchester basement in January, and an instrumental “Outro,” taken from the album sessions.

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