Loxy & Ink

Manifested Visions

Loxy & Ink - Manifested Visions

Two titans in UK breakbeat culture, Loxy& Ink were both present at the inception atthe birth of UK dance music and continue to be torchbearers. After having pushedand shaped the outer edges of drum ‘n bass at the likes of Metalheadz andRenegade Hardware, they went on to found their ownArchitectureandCyclonlabels; having reached the heights of their potential for free play and daring,authentic expression, it’s only natural that they’re furthering their mission at R&SRecords. With ‘Manifested Visions’ the duo does exactly what the title suggests;transcending the boundaries of genre, roots dub meets hip hop and in-your-facedrum and bass to create a five-track EP that will make you submit, revel, rave and float.

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