Alex Smoke


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‘Alex Smoke returns to R&S with the follow up to his transfixing debut ‘Dust’.

He has delivered a full EPs worth of mesmeric music, which is quite possibly the most dancefloor material he has released in some time.

‘GreenMan’s sinusoidal funk follows on in the vein of ‘Dust’, shuffling drum programming, snaking melody lines and Alex’s hiccupping vocodered vox combine to anthemic effect.

‘LSD’ lives up to its name with a spacious, yet urgent acidic-hymnal. On the flip, ‘Oni’ reimagines a dancehall rave-up for the 31st century, all skanking digi-pecussion and trumpet like arpeggios, while ‘Tommy Knockers’’s brutal blade-runner bounce adds some muscle to proceedings, spiraling synth riffs and gurgling drones.

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