Bottom Out

Coming off the back of his last release ‘Rough 2’, ‘Bottom Out’ sees Russell further deconstructing and stripping back his sound to thrilling effect.

Inspired by a frenetic session in the days after hearing Ben UFO’s Fabric Birthday party DJ set, the phasing drum track and disorientating acid squiggles are sure to confound and tantalise in equal measure.

Long time partner in crime Kowton steps up to deliver a metronomic sweat-inducing workout that stays true to the uncompromising nature of the original, whilst twisting it into new and perplexing shapes.

B-side ‘Total Music’ takes a sample from a DIY locked groove inspired by artist, Haroon Mirza – coming on like some twisted communication from a rave in another dimension, it’s stunning in its bold simplicity.


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