Nancy’s Pantry

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R&S keep things in the family with MPIA3’s brother Tessela dropping his debut EP for the label.

Since 2011, Ed Russell has been moulding a style of dance music as Tessela that has evolved to become a distinctly futuristic animal that is equal parts rave, jungle and techno as it incorporates classic breaks into delirious new mutations.  The three tracks on this EP all follow on from his superb ‘Hackney Parrot’ track but evolve his sound even further.

Nancy’s Pantry combines bruising kick drums and some slick editing of the Think break, before plunging headlong into thundering techno.  Horizon’s percolating hi hats and rough-hewn percussion roll off repeating chords that recall the heady days of rave. Gateway’s uncomplicated arrangement of high hats, sub bass, siren like synths and quaking kick drums rattle through the track’s chassis and club soundsystems.

Early supporters to the tracks include Ben UFO, Pariah, Surgeon, Pearson Sound and Paul Woolford, testement to what might be Tessela’s most lethal offering yet.


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