Rough 2

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‘Since the release of Tessela’s R&S debut, Nancy’s Pantry, the momentum has snowballed.
Earning a Radio 1 residency alongside James Blake, and a busy gigging schedule, Tessela AKA Ed Russell now offers up ‘Rough 2’ – the eagerly anticipated next instalment of his alchemic blend of tripped out sonics and punishing percussion.

Russell has amplified the disorientating elements that swim around the fragmented drum breaks and squirting laser blasts, challenging dancefloors at the same time as tearing them up.

‘Rough 2’ opens the release up in classic style – a frenetic batacuda style drum announces the track before giving way to unhinged re-pitched synth chords and swirling filter blasts, on the flip ‘Butchwax’ provides a muscular drum track and crunched up, stuttering stabs of funk, whilst the twisted ‘C’mon Let’s Slow Dance’ sees Russell going further and deeper then ever before with a semi beatless, hallucinogenic laser light show that really pushes the boundaries of his sound to breaking point.

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