RV Trax

RV Trax Vol 3

R&S founder Renaat Vandepapeliere returns with his personal RV Trax series showcasing the sounds he plays on the dancefloor.
Part three explores his ongoing love of underground techno and breaks.

BärtauB are probably the most experienced producers on this EP and count heavyweights like Ricardo Villalobos and [a:rpia:r] as fans.  In their home city of Istanbul and across the minimal scene of Europe the cognoscenti know Mutlu San & Batu Guler as DJ’s of impeccable taste.  Archivot is another ace hypnotic house groove to add to their impressive discography.

Russian techno-head Dawn Razor impressed with previous releases on A R T S and Anemone.  Hearing his broken beat techno club tool ‘Acid Funk’ dropped on the right soundsystem in the right hands will be a joy.

Milesh aka Pavel Anastasov is a Bulgarian DJ and producer based in Bucharest, Romania.  His track Jedi Mind Design brings back the breakbeats and twists and turns through a 10 minutes loopy, rolling ride.

Barcelona based electronic musician Izan Hesse contributes ‘Tinder Express’ a deep and dark breakbeat excursion soaked in moody strings.  If you liked the recent Mariel Ito compilation on R&S you should find something to like in this track.