RV Trax

RV Trax

R&S founder Renaat Vandepapeliere launches a new series RV Trax, to reflect the sound of his DJ sets and to give a platform to artists not based on social media likes or online hype.

Re-invigorated and inspired by contemporary dance floor sounds, after 30+ years as the label owner and figurehead Renaat succumbed to the temptation to finally, at the tender age of 60, try his own hand at rocking the crowd.

Renaat’s sets have seen him assemble a treasure trove of unreleased music that will now find a very personal home on RV Trax. Emblazoned with the Belgian national colours of black, yellow and red these tracks proudly flaunt their ‘floor-filling dynamics. 

The first, a dance floor stormer from Steve Legget, remixing fellow North Easterner Bird Of Paradise’s original – a tight punchy workout that pairs distorted 909 kicks against a high tension string part and melancholic synth pads. G-Prod (AKA French brothers David and Nicolas Gaugain) provide a balmy, motor-city style number – shuffling drums underpin sunrise synth washes and euphoric melodies. Buenos Ayres’ Hermetics provide a frostier mood with ‘Collider’ – chilly FM bells pinned against serrated percussion and swirling distortion

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